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Frequently asked questions

Creating art

Creating art

What tools do you work with?

I work both digitally and traditionally. 

For my digital drawings I prefer the iPad with Procreate because I can take it anywhere easily. 

For more complicated projects, mainly for my work on video games, I use a Huion Kamvas and Photoshop. It allows me to use more layers and to switch to other programs like 3D software.

For my traditional art I love to use water colors ( no specific brand), waterproof Copic ink pens or waterproof ink from bottles "Rohrers Antiktusche". As a sketchbook I like the Hahnemühle Aquarell, because it can absorb watercolor well. In general, good paper is very relevant for watercolors.

What is your art process like?

With my sketchbook I like to collect references in the real world. Ideas for new images I then sketch mostly digitally. Then I work it all out digitally with clean lines or analog with watercolor.

If you'd like to see more on my process, my Domestika course is definitely for you. Also check out my timelapse videos on TikTok& Instagram.

What inspires you?

Probably my biggest inspiration is nature, the colors and shapes of flora and fauna. Fantasy books and movies like the works of studio Ghibli also play a role in my creations.

Any tips to get better at drawing? Where should I start?

Getting better at drawing is hard, but you WILL improve if you keep practicing! It is not talent some people are just born with but practice like with a musical instrument.

Thanks to the internet, there is a huge and mostly free variety of art tutorials on Youtube, Artstation, Skillshare, Domestika... available today. As most artists say, it is important to repeat the drawing basics until you become more confident in them.

Draw regularly, draw things that interest you to keep you motivated and draw from reality exactly what you see. Over time, you will get better to combine these things to your own designs.

How did you find your art style?

Your own style is like the melting pot of all the artists and styles you like the most and also the other things that shape your life besides art. I continue to develop my style by drawing a lot and closely observing other art and the world around me. I ask myself: what exactly do I like about a favorite artwork and how can I apply that to my own artistic expression?

Drawings are usually a very personal expression, so your personality can also be part of your style: What are your hobbies, interests? Do you love fashion, animals, nature or are you a huge Sci fi fan? Make it part of your art.

Artists tend to stress too much about their individual style, especially in the beginning, and it might make more sense to think in terms of projects. Depending on whether that's a comic, a poster series, or landscape paintings, different styles make sense and I can try out a consistent style within this new project for the time being.

What are your favorite brushes?

I summed up my favorite Procreate brushes for you here.

Any tips against art block?

It is quite normal that more or less creative phases alternate. For me, keeping notes and maintaining routines helps me to make the best out of it.

I set myself specific times to draw for commissions and times to practice in my sketchbook. During the rest of the day, whenever I get ideas for paintings or what would be another good thing to expore in my sketchbook time, I take notes on my phone. Whenn I walk to errands, I keep my eyes open to take interesting picures of nature.

So when it's time again to draw, I can just open a list of creative prompts and reference photos and don't need to search for ideas first.

Career + education

Career and education

How long did it take you to learn drawing? 

I've always loved to draw, but I didn't get more serious about art until after I did my "Abitur" around 18. When I had to decide what I would have to deal with every day in the future, I realized that it had to be drawing. I wanted to study art, but at first I wasn't accepted and had to practice for another year.

I started drawing almost every day and I would say it took me about 4 years before I could express myself better artistically and got commissions.

Are you a full time artist?

Yes, I am exclusively a freelance artist since the beginning of 2023. I previously worked as a concept artist at the video game company "Chasing carrots" and quit to pursue my own art. At the moment I'm also still taking care of my little son, therefore not quite full time yet.

How did you get known on social media? Any tips?

What helped my getting known on social media is: Posting regularely, which can be hard if you want to keep up a good quality for your art. I often take breaks from social media and then post a lot of art for a week or two because that seems to work better for the algorithm.

I also try to leave interesting comments for others and share their art because if they share my art in return that works better than paying Meta for reach.

It is also very helpful to think about how others see your art, people love to be part of your journey and want to find own value in a post. Ask yourself: Why would this be interesting for someone else? Is it entertaining? educational? Emotional?

advice on pricing art?

Pricing art is very individual and depends on your current demand. For an initial hourly rate, you can take a cue from what other artists are charging for similar services in a similar style. When you got one or two commissions with that rate you can go a little higher each time. Rather suggest something a little higher and try to negotiate, us artists tend to get underpaid.

What did you study and do you recommend going to art school?

I have studied Media Art and design at the HBK Saarbrücken in Germany and it was a great experience for me. You have a very free choice of courses and great range of workshops there, which helps you a lot to find out what you like the most.

Knowing that studying art is very expensive in some countries, I would not recommend it to everyone. Drawing can be learned without school thanks to the Internet. But if you have the chance, it can help you broaden your artistic horizons and make your first contacts for the professional world.

Can you make a living from art?

It's harder to make a living from drawing than other professions, but the short answer is yes. I would say you have to love it enough to keep investing the time to improve your skills to a level someone will pay enough for.

As a digital artist you can find a full time employment in an animation or video game studio.

Many freelance artists make use of a wide range of income sources  like commissions, selling physical merch and originals, selling image rights,  Youtube ads, Patreon or teaching art.

How do i get more comissions?

That totally depends on the kind of artist or designer you want to be because for a fine artist thats differt than for an animator. Look for role models who are doing exactly what you would like to work on and see how they do it.

The most important thing to get a job or commissions is  your online portfolio on Artstation or an own website. This should contain your best maybe 10 pieces that represent the kind of work you want to do more of. If you don't have recent commissions yet, think about what your possible client is looking for and make up some projects yourself.

The next step is to share your work and sketches on social media and also tell everyone in real life that you are looking for commissions.

what is the most efficient way to advertise your art?

Of course social media is great for that. I would say pick one main platform you prefer, where you put in the most time and interact a lot with others. From there you can spread out to other platforms.

Go ahead and tell everyone that you are looking for commissions and actively offer products. This could be prints or stickers of your drawings, but also "I'll draw your pet in this style for 80€".

Look online for job advertisements for artists, for example on Artstation, and feel free to send interesting companies a speculative application by e-mail with your portfolio. Often these companies have so many applications on their desks that they don't even need to advertise a job.

Exhibitions and conventions are another great way to meet likeminded people and future clients.




Where do you ship to and how long does it take? 

I I am shipping from Germany to the EU, Austria, Norway, UK, USA, Newsealand and Australia and you can find out more about shipping here

Where are your products from?

I have most of my products made by German manufacturers near me. The kitchen towels are made in the UK and the enamel pins and washi tapes are from China but I am looking for more sustainable sources for that.

All art prints are done by myself with an Epson Ecotank photo printer.

How often do you ship?

I pack all orders myself, sometimes my dear husband does. Most times it takes us 3 days to get them to the post office, but sometimes only 1 or up to 5 when family life is busy. Let us know if you need it urgently, e.g. for a gift, then we will hurry.

How did you create your shop?

I use the WIX web builder for this page and shop and can recommend it.

When will sold out products be back in stock?

Unfortunately, I don't have that much space right now and I am looking for a larger studio. So it will be a while before I can reorder things that need a lot of space. Smaller things like stickers are more likely to be in stock again in a couple of weeks. If you click on "Notify me" when a product is sold out, you will receive an email when it is back.

i forgot to add something  or made a mistake with my address, Can I edit my order?

Don't panic, write me a mail and tell me about the issue. If I did not send the package away yet, I will refund you the additional shipping cost of a second order or correct the shipping adress.

My package didn'T arrive. What can we do?

As soon as I hand over a parcel to the post office, it is no longer in my hands and we have to rely on information from the tracking number. I have no influence on delivery problems and do not assume the costs for additional shipping. When it takes longer, however, parcels have almost always turned up again so far.

Are you selling your items somewhere in a real shop?

So far I am only selling on artist alleys and craft fairs from time to time. If you happen to be a seller and are interested in my products, let me know :)

Using my art

Using my art

Can I get a tattoo of your existing art?

I always feel very honored if someone wants to get my art tattooed! If you want to use one of my existing illustrations, you can buy a „tattoo ticket“ here.
This way, my work as an Illustrator gets appreciated and I can send you a png or lineart of the design. I will also send you a written permission for your tattoo artist if they need something like that.

Of course I would really be looking forward to pictures of the tattoo!

can i use your work for a commercial project?

If you are interested in using my existing work for a commercial project, please write me a mail, so we can discuss a possible Licensing agreement individually.

can I use your art as a reference?

Feel free to use my drawings as a basis for private projects, for example a 3D model of my characters. But please mention me if you share it.

can i repost some of your art on my blog/ website/ social media?

You can always repost my art on your social media or blog if you mention me or my website and if possible tag me.

Do you take comissions?

Please send me a mail, then we can discuss a possible collaboration.

Ask something else
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Thank you for your message!

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