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Sketch with me: Lamellas

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

This is the first week of my "Sketch with me" prompts!

Let´s start with something in the comfort zone for a lot of us: Mushrooms! 🍄

Draw 5 or more studies of different mushrooms from real life reference,

bonus points if you found them yourself.

How does it work? Take my weekly prompts as an inspiration for your next sketchbook page, then show us your WIP or final page as a reel or photo post and tag me on social media. You can also share your work in the "sketch club" on my website.

Who wants to join me?

My own entry: I went to the woods to find some pretty study material but it was very hard to find something good on my route this week. To make up for it I did some extra drawings from other perspectives and added a champignon from the fridge.



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